Family Interview

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Family Interview
I feel that relationships and courtship have changed very much over time. I spoke to my grandmother about her life, relationships, courtship, and marriage and it differs very much in my opinion to the way things usually happen in today’s time.

My grandma told me that the first time she ever saw her future husband was when she was playing on his swing and he began throwing rocks at her. Then when they were older and he came back from fighting in World War 2 he saw her working as a waitress in a local diner and fell in love with her. They went on just a few dates and then he asked her to marry to marry him. They stayed loyal to each other until the day Key died in 2001. I think part of what drew them so close was their homogamous relationship. They had very many common interests and things that they both enjoyed. There was a social class difference between her and Key. He was a part of an averagely wealthy family; while, she grew up looking for a place to spend the night and where her next meal came from. They were both very hard workers and their pasts never made a difference to either one of them.

The first difference in their relationship to what would happen today is the time spent dating. In recent times people date for very long periods of time before they get married and may even live together. This also leads to a difference in abstinence. People usually waited to participate in sexual acts until they were married but in many situations in recent times people do not wait and sometimes that causes problems with unprepared pregnancies.

The second difference is how people begin their relationships or courtships. Years ago it was the common practice to eat dinner with the girl’s parents that you were interested in and ask her parents for their approval for courtship. That is still done in rare occasion today but is not the common practice. Many times people begin the dating process without the parents input.

Something that has...
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