Family Interview

Topics: Marriage, Leave of absence, Parent Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Society makes judgment if we should or should not have children (Lamanna & Riedmann, 2012, p.226). We want to make good choices in life. Some people may think starting a family is a walk in the park, but this isn’t true. Starting a family is a lifetime commitment. Parents are not given a manual on raising a child, therefore being a parent is a learning process and it is something that requires a lot of time and dedication. Even though, there are no set rules on what to do when starting a family of your own, society expects everyone to know the do’s and don’ts or being able to determine right from wrong while still trying to raise a family off your own personal beliefs and values. Just know that not everyone is going to agree with the way on how to raise a family but as long as you are living up to the best of you expectations that best suits your children and spouse than that’s all that matters. Just sit back and observe the many different parenting styles and what each family contributes to one another and you will be surprised at how much the very when it comes to ethnicity, background, and race. An interview was conducted on a family that was given specific details about the interview. The family that is being interviewed is Mr. Curtis Stewart and Mrs. Karyna Stewart, along with one child Kavon Stewart. The Stewart family is expecting their new addition to the family approximately October 15, 2013. This family is African American. The couple is 29 years of age and was married at 19 years old. They have been married for 10 years. The age of Kavon is 8. The couple both served in the U.S. Army for about 8 years and decided to exit the service to start a different career to include becoming parents. Mr. Stewart landed a job with Lockheed Martin as a contractor that travels oversea often. Mr. Stewart’s job is considered as white collar due to his supervisory position within the company (Lamanna & Riedmann, 2012, p.56). Mrs. Stewart used to work for...
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