Family in sociology

Topics: Family, Marriage, Sociology Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: March 12, 2014
A family is a vital social institution as it unites individual’s cooperative groups that oversee the bearing of children. ( Plummer & Macionis, 2012). Families basically provide functions like the reproduction of human being that will eventually add on to the labour force of the economy. Families also try to uphold their culture by passing it on to their younger generation and thus, sustaining their place in the society. The First factor would be the degree of male dominance (patriarchy) has decreased in the twentieth century (Therborn, 2004). These are seen more in western country where the growth of schooling and education for girls has played a key role. When women are educated they tend to take prominent roles in the working world and also, economically stabilised themselves equally or sometimes more than a men. This leads to women being less dependent on their man and reduces the need to submit to male dominance. Secondly, the need for marriage in sexual regulation has also decreased. Again, also mostly seen in the west, people no longer see a need to engage in sexual activities only after marriage. With the modernization of society, traditions tend to fade away quicker. In such situations the society’s mindset starts to get more open and liberal, raising questions on traditions. Leading to western societies becoming more open and intimate and less bound by traditions. However, this may not be spreading globally as much yet. Muslim and Sub Saharan African cultures still do commonly practice polygamy. Also in Asia, most countries are still committed to monogamy (Therborn, 2004). Lastly, fertility and birth control have changes over the generations. As populations become older, there is a demographic transition of growth and family planning. Women and men being more educated tend to marry at a later age thus, either they may not be able to conceive children by them or they would prefer families of smaller number to make the concept more affordable....
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