Family History

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Family History Project

Growing up I really didn’t know much about my family. My family consisted of my mother, my older and younger brothers, my two cousins, my uncle and his wife, my aunt who later had a daughter, and the head of the family my grandmother. This was my family and all I’ve come to know. I knew who my father was, meaning I knew his name and what he looked like, but for a long time I didn’t know who he was. I can’t remember any memories growing up as a child, simply because….he wasn’t there to make any. I knew my mother side of the family originated from Delray Beach, FL and I knew my father was from Atlanta, Georgia. I knew all the basic information but nothing worth treasuring. ​I didn’t have the best relationship with my parents especially when I got older and began to mature. My mother was too busy trying to raise three children on her own, and my father was busy being a womanizer and having children with different women. When I turned thirteen things got worse between my parents and me. I began lashing out because I was suffering from lack of attention, now to think of it. I began having trouble in school, which in turned to become trouble at home. I didn’t know how to express myself and I didn’t have parents who knew how to either. All they did was argued when my dad did decide to come around. It was becoming a toxic relationship between the three of us. I can just remember my childhood being rough. I didn’t get to enjoy it like I wanted too. Not only did I not have good relationship with my parents, my family struggled. As I mentioned earlier, my mother was a single parent and it made it harder for my family to get by. Not understanding it then, but this too aided in my behavioral problems growing up. I went without a lot of times. I can remember jumping from house to house cause we couldn’t afford the rent. I can remember the lights being tuned off and cable being turned off from time to time. I can also remember my mother going nights...
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