Family History

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Family History
By: Andre Cauilan
Social Science 1 Project

Our family name is the most important treasure that we have. It is the sum of our ancestor’s lives, which includes their experiences, memories and life-long lessons. It is who they are, but more importantly, who we are. Before I came into this world, my image or reputation was already, a little bit, predefined. It has been predefined by my ancestors. People were already predicting what my personality would be, how intelligent I will be, etc. They did not just say these things without basis. They based their comments on my ancestors and predecessors. For instance, when someone you know is bright or intelligent, most of the time you will expect his or her children to be likewise. This is the reason why our names can considered as treasures. When we pass it or hand it down, we are not just passing down our name. We are passing our personality, our reputation, the essence of our lives. This project has allowed me to explore this treasure. It made me realize its true value and worth. In knowing my ancestors I was also able to discover myself.

I would like to thank my relatives for letting me have a part of their precious time in which they narrated and explained to me parts of their lives very carefully and in full detail. Without all of you, I will never be who I am right now.

Early Beginnings
Part 1
Lutgarda Siokon Alviola
My great-great grandmother came from Kabankalan, Negros Occidental. She was born on October 29,1887 to Agaton Siokon and Segunda Alvarez. She was of Chinese-Spanish descent and was said to be a beauty. She is known by her grandchildren as “Lola Ada” and was described as charming and adorable. She raised nine upright and respected children. Her daughter, Gracia Siokon Alviola is my great-grandmother. Lola Ada lived to an age of one-hundred and one. During this time she has earned a lot of achievements and one of them includes being a “Gintong Ina Awardee”. She was said to be an interesting person and that she used riddles to pass time. Lola Ada was married to Pedro Alviola Sr., a military officer. He was said to have negotiated the surrender of a muslim rebel, Datu Maamor and conquered a giant crocodile measuring twenty-four feet long. While Lolo Pedro was courting Lola Ada, another military officer, Lt. Stool, an american, tried to humiliate Lolo Pedro by challenging him to a wrestling match. The match followed through and the american officer had Lolo Pedro in a frim body hold. Pouring all his might, he landed his elbows on the soldier’s shoulder resulting to a few weeks in the hospital for the latter. I therefore conclude that my Lola was indeed beautiful. Beautiful enough to make two men literally fight for her. They were married shortly after the fight even though Lolo Pedro was not that favoured in the eyes of Lola Ada’s mother. Her mother, being a cabeza de barangay, owned several hectares of land. After being married they travelled to different regions and provinces due to Lolo Pedro’s military assignment. It took him to Borongan, Samar; Tacloban, Leyte; Abuyog, Leyte del Norte; Iloilo; Zamboanga and Dipolog city; Marawi city and many others. A child was sired to each place that they visited. After nine provinces, they finally settled to Butuan city in Agusan del Norte. There they owned a lot of hectares of land and they built the well known Alviola Village where their sons and daughters and relatives presently live in.

Sources: Pedro Alviola Jr’s narrative, Alberta Manguerra’s Scrapbook Memorable Stories over the Years Part 2
Like in every family, there are a respected number of stories that I have found exceptional to be put into paper. As I have already recounted te memorable stories of my great-great grandmother in the first part, I will now start off with my grandfather, Norman Beado Manguerra. Norman Beado Manguerra was born on July 16, 1939 in Barrio...
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