Family History

Topics: Family, Family tree, Grandparent Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: May 20, 2007
What I did for my project was a pedigree chart, archive of old photos, personal PowerPoint, digital scrapbook, family history timeline. In my pedigree chart my family made a family tree that includes pictures from past family reunions, family poem, Family reunion timeline, History of the Clark and Forrest families, what's going on within the families, a tribute, family birthdays, a list of the deceased. I did a power point including pictures of my family and me with captions for the archiving of old photos, personal PowerPoint, digital scrapbook, family history timeline. I included pictures and explained them in the PowerPoint.

I got most of my information from my Mother. She told me who I was related to and how. She also gave me stories about the family and the people's personalities such as the deceased. I also got some information from the family timeline because it showed who and how everyone was related, it also showed who I was related to that was famous.

While doing this project I learned a lot about my family. I found out that some people aren't comfortable talking about their experience in the wars. I didn't get to interview my granddad because he wouldn't be comfortable talking about the war because he has seen some of his friends got killed and he has also been hurt during that time he served. I have also found out how interesting some of my family members are. I got to see who my great-great-great grandfather was, and I saw how big my family is. I was very excited that I got to go that far back in time.

The most interesting thing that I learned from doing this project was how much I actually learned from my family jus from asking a couple of questions. I also learned where I got my name from and how many relatives I actually have. I also found out how I am related to Christopher (Rueben) Studdard.

Since I really like this project I will probably go farther into research with my family history. I will try to go as far back as I can in my family...
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