Family Health Nursing

Topics: Family, Health care, Medicine Pages: 4 (1346 words) Published: October 9, 2006
Family Health Nursing
Charles Mertz
University of Phoenix
Concepts of Family Nursing Theory
NUR 464
Glenda Tali, MSN, RN
Aug 08, 2006

Family Health Nursing
With rapid changes in healthcare, increasing cost, the overall demand for and limit of medical care, and decreasing capability of patients to afford health insurance it has become increasingly important on assessing patients for their risk factors, medical problems, and other health issues. One area that can help is by incorporating patient's families into the fold by family health nursing. The health of one family member and his or her quality of life can affect the rest of the family and therefore are closely related (Friedman, Bowden, & Jones, 2003). This paper will explore family health nursing by focusing on four areas. First, it will explain why the family is an important area for the nurse to include while assessing and caring for a patient. The paper will also mention how families have changed within the last few decades and what might constitute a family in today's society. Finally, this paper will give an insight of what my definition of family health nursing is in today's healthcare community. With shorter hospital stays families are needed to know just as much as the patient does when it comes to his or her healthcare plan and therefore the family becomes an important focus along with the patient for various reasons. Assessment of family dynamics can bring an understanding on how the family lives and can help in developing the best possible medical treatment for the patient. According to Anderson (2000), the nurse has a role in helping families "to implement needed adjustment and adaptation, thus facilitating family symptom management, individual and family growth, family understanding, and promotion or improvement in family health". (Anderson, 2000) Studies have shown that a family can influence the outcome of an individual's development and that an illness that affects one...

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