Family Health Asssement

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According to Edelman & Mandle, 2010, the term “family” is defined as a set of interacting individuals who is related by blood, marriage, cohabitation or adoption who interdependently perform relevant functions by fulfilling expected roles. These relevant functions include values and practices the family has on health or family health practice. The term “structure” refers to the organizational characteristics of the family, the sub system and the basic rules that influences interpersonal choices and behaviors in the family (A,Vetne, September, 2001). Family consists of both functional and structural components. Family structure refers to family composition including roles and relationships where as Family function consists of process within the system as information and energy exchange occurs between families and their environment (Edelman & Mandle, 2010). Structural family therapy refers to a body of theory and practice that approaches individuals in their social and relational context (A.Vetne, 2001). Health care professionals, especially nurses play an important role in promoting health care for the family. Using family focused approach is a priority when providing efficient family care and support. Behavior patterns, beliefs, perceptions and values form the essential components of health assessment when maximum health potential of the individuals is considered by a nurse (Edelman & Mandle, 2010). Health practice varies from one family to another family and each family has a unique way of health perception, belief, value and cultural practice. Health perception and values are focus on the individual’s perception of their health, health beliefs and values (Edelman & Mandle 2010). Gordon’s 11 health patterns play a vital role in elaborating various types of family health assessment. These patterns form the standardize format for effective family assessment using a systematic approach with emphasis on developmental stage and risk factors.

I have completed the assessment questions according to Gordon’s health patterns for Mr. DJ’s family by asking questions from each functional health patterns and my findings are as follows. Mr. DJ is a 45 years old Ethiopian who has moved to USA for 8 years ago with his wife Rahel and their two girls aged 12 and 10. Both Mr. DJ and his wife Rahel are well educate and leads a successful professional life. He is a senior economist and she is a elementary school teacher. He works late hours and some weekends as well while Rahel works 8-9 hours a day. They both enjoy good foods and Mr. DJ enjoys drinking 2 beers with dinner almost every day. Mr. DJ is overweight (240lb) and takes medication for high blood pressure and Mrs DJ is also slightly overweight (175lb) and takes medication for high cholesterol and chronic back pain secondary to MVA few years back. She takes Flexeril and Motrin as needed for the pain. The health perception value of Mr. Dj’s family is somehow different than most Americans belief. Although they believe in modern health practice to prevent illness and maintain good health, they also believe in God’s power of miracle, healing diseases by drinking holly water and bathing in it. They also believe in the healing of herbal product. Mr. DJ stated that the family maintain their health by having annual checkups, keeping the children’s immunizations up to date and having preventive tests such as pap smear, mammogram. Based on the nutritional pattern questions, Mr. DJ’s family stated that they eat mostly traditional Ethiopian food which is made of pancake like bread with different types of sauce (chicken, lamb, vegetable). The sauce is usually made of strong spices mixed with oil and butter. They are not conscious about their calorie intake and eat minimal fruits and vegetables. They eat out 2-3 times a week because of their busy and long hour working schedules.

Mr. DJ’s and his family usually go to bed by ten pm and wake up by six am. They sleep about eight hours a night...
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