Family Health Assessmeny

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The family is the foremost social perspective, in this health promotion and disease prevention happens. The family’s beliefs, values, and practices clearly influence the health behavior of members. A family-focused approach is very important when provided sufficient family care and support. The goal of this essay is to conclude a family health assessment utilizing a family focused approach by using Gordon’s functional health pattern and identification of two wellness and family nursing diagnosis. In this analysis an individual as a whole being using interrelated behavioral zone. This Gordon’s 11 patterns aid as a helpful device to gather and manage assessment data and to design a shape for validation and communication among the health care providers. The 11 functional health patterns correlate to illustrate a person’s lifestyle. With the use of this eleven functional health patterns nurses associate assessment skills with objective and subjective data to make patterns of lifestyles. (Edelman, Mandle.2009).

Family health assessment scenario

This writer conducted an interview with an Asian family. Family consist of father who work as a lawyer ,mother she is a hose wife and two kids ten and eight years old The mother answered most part of the interview, also father involved too. About health perception –health management pattern, writer explained to the family the Health Perception–Health Management pattern means person's health status and health practices used, in order to reach current level of health with a focus on ostensive health status. This interviewer asked the mother, what health practice use to keep the family safe, the mother answered she regularly goes for medical check ups and her family is up to date with vaccines. The next question was how often do you perform self exams, example breast self exam, she replied that not very often because she was not sure to do perfectively. Next question was related with Nutritional-Metabolic Pattern....
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