Family Health Assessment Paper

Topics: Family, Extended family, Nuclear family Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: November 15, 2014
Family is an important unit in the community system. Family should be thought of as a unit, in which each person within the family has their own unique role. Family can be considered as either extended or nuclear, in which extended consists of multiple generations whereas nuclear family consists of the immediate family. An extended family has the benefits of having the older generation around to help raise the younger generation, while parents and other family members can occupy themselves with other activities, such as work, etc. When one member of the family is ill or deviates from the normal routine, that affects the entire family. In order to observe the way in which the family unit works normally, and with certain obstacles, a family was surveyed and it was found that when one individual displayed a different routine, the entire family unit functioned differently.

Gordon’s Family Health Patterns explains elaborately how to assess a family, making the nursing process easier by covering every aspect of the health of an individual within a family’s overall well-being. Using Gordon’s Family Health Patterns, a suburban Hispanic nuclear family of four was assessed to further understand the overall family dynamic. When it comes to values/health perception, there was an overall strong bond among family members in which family itself was considered the first priority. As a religious family, God plays an important role in every aspect of the family’s life, due to the family’s prayers for good health when faced with sickness. In addition, when there was overall good health, the family showed their thankfulness to God for their well-being. Along with religious and family values, the family itself held strong ethnic beliefs that reflected their culture and food. Herbal remedies showed precedent in comparison to medicinal remedies. While the adults in the family did not go to routine checkups, unless faced with illness, with their primary care physicians, the...
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