Family Health Assessment Essay

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Public health Pages: 8 (2273 words) Published: June 17, 2012
Wilma J Barboza
NRS 429V Family Health Assessment
Grand Canyon University

Family Health Assessment plays significant role in formulating an appropriate healthcare plan within a family setup. An appropriate health assessment is utilized as a tool for the evaluation of health issues for understanding health choices and assistance in making appropriate health - related choices for a targeted family. Every family is unique having variety of perceptions and different ways of life style. Health care professionals and nurses play an important role in promoting health care for the family. The term family represents children and biological parents living together in a most harmonious way. These family members need to adapt to the healthy choices and ensure that every family member follows them. In a diverse family set up health promotion and prevention of disease takes place. These health choices and behaviors are influenced by the family’s values, beliefs, priorities, cultures and practices. Utilizing family-focused approach is a high priority, while providing appropriate family health care and support. Gordon’s 11 functional health patterns play a vital role in elaborating the various types of health patterns associated to a family’s health assessments and systems theory. This assessment includes 11 principles for the collection of data of the family, to assist the nurse in developing appropriate nursing diagnosis and correct health care interventions. In this study, the selected family is a middle aged Indian couple who has been married for 13 years, and has three children. The father is 42 years of age, the mother is 37 years of age, and the children are 11, 9, and 4. Their income potential was average however they were able to feed three meals a day despite shortage of funds at times.

Health Perception

Based on the health evaluations, and health perceptions, the family disclosed that the father is diabetic with hypertension, mother is having anxiety issues and insomnia, and as a result children are poor in studies where the elder child being a pre-teen is having anger issues. It was perceived that the family had significant issues with the food and nutrition style they followed from the ancestors due to culture. They had poor compliance in taking medications and healthy food consumption due to lack of knowledge and years old habits. It was also learnt that when the medications were run out the refills were not done on timely basis which resulted in non-compliance. Children were not up to date with their vaccinations. Some sort of ignorance and lack of education, laziness exists among the parents.


The survey question on Nutrition metabolism pattern, it was revealed that the family often used to eat unhealthy food (fast food) as well as home cooked meal mainly consists of a lot of rice (carbs) and very small amount of vegetables. The family used to eat fried meat, fish and continued using the same oil for more than a week. Most of the meals prepared had significant amount of coconut oil, coconut juice, and a large quantity of butter, and ghee (margarine). It was further investigated that they family had extensive amount of commute to their office by subway in a crushing crowd and then significant amount of work load in the office contributed in skipping lunch at times which caused secretion of acidity, sugar imbalances and finally diabetes. The family did not attend any health education programs offered by the local community hospitals and ignored the nutritional facts due to lack of time.

Sleep and Rest

Sleep disorders and lack of rest was also one of the issues the family was facing. Due to extensive period of commute by subway (train), the parents were unable to manage their time effectively. They came home after a long commute and prepared food in a hurry or picked up fast food on their way home to feed self and children. Children were put to sleep early...

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