Family Health Assessment

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Health Assessment
Family health assessment in a vital tool that helps the family be aware of any problems concerning planning and maintaining good health. The nurse plays an important role in assessing the health of a family with the use of the 11 Gordon’s functional health patterns. The use of open ended questions enables the nurses to determine the present and past health state of a family. Functional health patterns provide a framework for the planning of care and health promotion (Flannigan & Jones, 2011). Using Gordon’s functional health patterns, this paper will analyze data drawn from the family health assessment. The family chosen have been married for 5 years, this is the second marriage for both members of this union.

Values, Health Perception
Both husband and wife of the family assessed are 38 years old, both have high cholesterol and pre diabetes. They both take medication as prescribed for high cholesterol. Both husband and wife received health education for diabetes from a diabetic educator and nutritionist, preventing diabetes is very important to them.  They do not smoke or use recreational drugs or alcohol. They are of the Christian non-denominational faith and attend their religious institution regularly. On further discussion with this family, they have each had an intentional weight loss of 45lbs. They follow up with their primary care physician for lab work every 6 months, and follow a weight loss and exercise program to prevent the onset of diabetes. The family is focused on restoring health and maintaining wellbeing. Wellness diagnosis - Effective therapeutic regimen management, due to compliance with medication administration, diet and exercise program, and regular follow ups with their primary care physician (PCP) to monitor progress of health improvement. Nutrition

This family follows a low carb, low sugar and low fat diet. They take fish oil supplements, the wife also takes calcium with vitamin D. Their PCP is aware of the over counter medications they take. The husband cannot recall his diet for the past 24 hours but the wife keeps a food diary and was able to give her 24 hour diet recall. The family follows a healthy diet to assist in keeping cholesterol and blood sugars under control, and to aid weight maintenance at a healthy body mass index (BMI). This family shares meal planning and food preparation. They have an appointment with a nutritionists this week to assist them with ideas for healthy meal planning and preparation. Wellness diagnosis - Readiness to enhance nutritional metabolic pattern. This family want to learn more about food nutrition to prevent the onset of diabetes. They understand this is a lifelong maintenance program.

The sleep patterns of this family vary. The husband reports he has no trouble getting to sleep and often has 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. The wife reports she has difficulty falling asleep, and only sleeps for 5-6 hours a night, waking at least twice during the night. She frequently feels the need to take a nap when she gets home from work. The husband reported during this assessment that he has noticed his wife sometimes takes long pauses between breathing when she sleeps. She will follow up with her PCP this week. Nursing diagnosis - sleep pattern disturbance.

This family report normal daily bowel function and normal urinary function, no bladder or bowel incontinence. They do not use laxatives or over the counter medications, and neither have skin sores or open draining wounds. When the husband left the room the wife reported that she has stress incontinence while exercising. She will notify her PCP during her appointment this week. Nursing diagnosis – Altered urinary elimination due to stress incontinence. Activity/Exercise

This family have no limitations with movement and do not require assistive devices for ambulation. They both have gym memberships and exercise five days a week....

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