family health assessment

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Family Health Assessment
Sarah Shipley
Grand Canyon University

Family Health Assessment
Family health assessment using the functional health patters assessment is a tool we can use in the nursing process in formulating a health care plan for our patients as well as their families. A thorough assessment can lay the groundwork for us to promote family health. The purpose of this paper is to examine one family’s assessment of their functional patterns and views on their everyday health. I have made questionnaires with questions on each one of Gordon’s functional patterns to go over with each member of the family. In this paper we will review the family’s answers, discuss how they fit into the functional patterns, and review nursing wellness diagnosis for each family member. I chose to do this paper on my own family. We are a mixed family of myself who is a divorced thirty seven year old female, my live in fifty one year old divorced boyfriend, and my sixteen year old son. We have lived together for approximately one year as a family. Together my boyfriend and I only have one child who is from my previous marriage and who currently lives with us and is my son. We maintain a close relationship as we also work together. We are both very strong willed and have not adapted well to moving in with each other. Patterns of Health Perception and Management

As a whole we all feel fairly healthy. My son rides his bike and walks everyday of the week. My significant other said he gets enough exercise by going to work everyday. I do not exercise, by the end of my day I am exhausted and ready for bed. I think the health management in the family would be better if we were all not as busy as we are. All in all we are a fairly healthy family without and major health issues.

Nutritional- Metabolic Pattern
As a Family we eat fairly well. I am the cook of the house and try very hard to make most of our...
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