Family Health Assessment.

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Family Health Assessment


Health Promotion

(Course# NRS429)

Dawn Peters

May 14, 2011

The purpose of family assessment is to promote health and control or prevent control diseases affecting the families. During the assessment, the nurse will be able to evaluate the overall health status of the family, interpersonal relationship between individual members, and any chronological diseases in the family. Identifying the risk factors existing in the family will help the nurse to plan the interventions needed for improving the family health. The important goals of family health promotion assessments are to promote family health, improve family unity, and increase quality of life. Family is defined as ‘any group of people related either biologically, emotionally or legally’. That is the group of people the patient defines as significant for his or her well-being.”(McDaniel et el., 2005 p2). Affection, obligation, caring, dependence, and cooperation are some of the indispensable qualities of a family. Family values are shaped by religious, spiritual and traditional beliefs. When I selected my family for the health assessment of each functional health patterns, I was able to get an expression of the family member’s health view and the life style or life processes. I started the interview with open ended question for each of the eleven functional health patterns. We uphold certain values that have been passed down from my parents and we pass them through to our children from an early age and try to develop those important values while they are growing. Some of the important values in my family are trust of God, honesty, family unity, respect others and superiors, treat everybody with dignity, and politeness. My family has got a good awareness about health promoting activities and ways in maintaining an optimal quality of life like well-balanced nutrition, immunization, safety precautions etc. We give importance to healthy foods, mostly...

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