Family Health Assessment

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Family Health Assessment Paper Benice C. Ejiogu
Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V Octoberber 7th, 2012.

FAMILY HEALTH ASSESSMENT 2 Family Health Assessment The government, health organizations, and public health main focus currently, is on illness prevention, creating ways to help people promote health and wellness. Healthy People 2020 is working toward the goal of achieving healthy and long lives for each individual. In 1987, Marjorie Gordon proposed a functional health patterns as a guide establishing a comprehensive nursing data base (Kriegler & Harton, 1992). He developed eleven functional health patterns (Value/health perception, nutrition, pattern of elimination, activity/exercise, sleep/rest, cognitive, self –perception, roles relationships, sexuality and coping) that help nurses in the collection of detailed/adequate health data from individual and family. Based on the data collection in the above 11 functional health patterns, nurses can assess the health patterns, form nursing diagnoses, plan, and implement treatment for each individual as well as family. The physical, mental and social aspects of health are all incorporated in Gordon’s functional health patterns.

Essentially, data collection of all health functional patterns is needed to formulate nursing diagnoses. Here is the data collection of my family functional pattern regarding health and wellness. Value and health perception: Health perception and values are focus on the individual’s perception of health and their beliefs and values (Edelman, 2010). Eating healthy foods, adequate exercise, stress prevention and healthy life styles are the basic requirements for health promotion and wellness and family members are trying to focus on these factors. Family shows interest and awareness by getting their regular health checkups every two to six months. Health issues are addressed as they arise, and getting vaccinations in time to prevent illness in family is our most priority. Mr. Francis (our father) has myocardial infarction (MI) and hypertension and takes his medications as prescribed by his physician. The family attend educational classes within the community that teaches how to live a healthy life with MI and hypertension. No member of the family smokes or drinks alcohol but our father does have history of smoking and drinking but he quit 5 years ago. The family is Christian and holds their religion and social background very high. Family members are highly involved in religious (church) and social activities. The family has a very good perception of health and solid value system. The health and wellness nursing diagnosis are health seeking behaviors like regular checkups and healthy life Family Health Assessment 3 styles, eating habits and exercise, readiness for enhanced immunization status, and readiness for enhanced spiritual wellbeing. This data shows knowledge level of the family regarding health, reflects the family member’s willingness to access health care, and strong values and beliefs. Nutrition-Metabolic pattern: The family follows a traditional eastern Nigerian food style. Most Nigerian food is rich in carbohydrate. We eat fruits, vegetables, and fish more than meat....

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Grouped According to Functional Health Patterns
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