Family Health Assesment

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Family Assessment

The Family discussed in this paper has two children and both parents have been married for seventeen years. The paternal and maternal grandmothers are alive, while both paternal and maternal grandfathers have died of heart disease. The maternal grandmother lives with the family. The family assessed was interviewed two times and both times, the interview took place in family’s home and lasted for thirty minutes. The author of this paper has used Calgary Family Assessment model in assessing the family, which is an integrated, multidimensional framework based on the foundation of systems, cybernetics, communication and change theory and influenced by post-modernization and biology of cognition (Wright & Leahey, ). For complete assessment to take place as described by this model, a sense of importance and open communication was established between nurse and family. The family was encouraged to attend interview together .Names of family members have been changed to protect their privacy & confidentiality.

Structural Assessment
It is meant to identify the composition which consists of internal and external structure of family and its connectivity. Internal
Family Composition
Immediate family consist of father [Tim] and mother [Maria] who are a married couple and together they have two sons; older son (Jim) aged 14,younger son [Jacob] aged 10, grandmother [Gia] and pet dog [Sheenu] aged 2 years. Gender

Both genders seem equal in this family. Differences in genders were not evident. Tim and Maria both consider themselves as breadwinners of family. Tim goes on business trip for weeks and Maria work long hours to make family financially secure. This was evident when Maria stated, “I want to make sure that we have everything for decent living and best education for Jim and Jacob” (Maria, October 16, 2010). Gia stays at home and does all the cooking and look after Jacob and Sheenu. Love, respect and appreciation for one another’s contribution to the family unit were evident in this family. Sexual Orientation

The sexual orientation among the couple is heterosexual. Both Jim and Jacob stated their interests for girls, and are heterosexual. Any other sexual orientation will not be accepted by the family due to family’s culture. Rank Order

Gia is sixty five years old. Tim is forty seven years old and Maria is forty five years old. Jim is fourteen years and Jacob is ten years old. There is a gap of 4 years between Jim and Jacob’s birth. The family takes pride in mentioning that everybody was born in October. Jim and Jacob, both are tall and handsome. Physically they have similar features but Jacob is healthier than Jim. During family interview Jim opened up easily and talked while Jacob was quite and answered only when specifically asked. Jacob was having more non verbal communication than anybody else in the family. Based on observation of interviewee there was sense of equality between Tim and Maria but Jim seems to have some kind of control over Jacob. Before saying anything Jacob would look towards Jim. The couple state that Tim finish outdoor family tasks while Maria deals with family issues. Tim referred Maria as “Finance Minister of family” (Tim, personal communication October 16, 2010) Subsystems

Dyad subsystems were evident in the family. Gia is playing role of mother, grandmother and holding the whole family together. Tim and Maria seem very close but Jim and Jacob were not so close. Jacob was trying to avoid Jim all the time. He was comfortable sitting closer to Gia and changed to another sofa when Jim sat beside him. There was strong bond between mother and sons as well as grandmother and grandchildren. The bond between sons and father was not so strong. Father’s tone of talking to sons’ was authoritative. The mother was patting her sons’ back and was quite cheerful while talking about her sons; father would only smile and admitted that his wife knows more about kids...
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