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After full length research and discussions with my relatives, I found out that we all shared certain similar characteristics. Musical talents and sports talents were are as a result of family culture as I will explain later on. One thing that was constant is the love that everyone had for each other. Even after separations and arguments, everyone still had something nice to say about each other. The characteristic patterns were very interesting and were manifested in a certain manner that was familiar with certain sides of the family. There are characteristics that are brought about by nature and those that are nurtured into our lives. When the families grow bigger, these characteristics become more and harder to predict. This is therefore my family’s genogram and history for three generations. There are various medical characteristics in my family. Most of these characteristics are genetically related therefore they can be predicted. Bi-polar diseases, heart disease, diabetes, height and gallbladder issues are some of the medical conditions affecting my family. Diabetes is common on one side of my family. My grandparents both had diabetes. Since this type of diabetes is hereditary, it was passed on to some members of our family. There have been a few cases of heart disease in my extended family. My grandfather once had a stroke while he was about 50 years old. He later had a heart attack which almost killed him. He later on passed away of cancer which was most likely caused by his lifestyle rather than hereditary issues or characteristics. He is the only one in the whole extended family of three generations to suffer from cancer. That is why I don’t think it is in the genes or hereditary. His brother and sister, that is, also suffer from diabetes but are still alive and kicking. My uncle too followed suit and had a mild stroke. Even though it was mild He was very...

References: McGoldrick, M., Gerson, R., & Petri, S. (2008). Genograms: Assessment and Intervention (3rdrd ed.). New York: Norton Professional Books.
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