Family Game Night

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November 14, 2013
This I Believe Essay

I believe family game night is a powerful tool that creates strong family communication and keeps families together. A great family game night game is Monopoly. There is nothing like a good long game of Monopoly. I enjoy everything from choosing which piece I will play, all the way to cleaning up when the last turn is done. Monopoly is one of the first games I remember playing as a family in my youth. One of my earliest family game night memories is seeing my parents and my two sisters sitting at the table laughing and having a good time. Whether the goal was to eliminate all the other players or to amass the most amount of money in a certain predetermined time period, this game always delivered a good amount of fun. At first, I was too young to play and had to sit and watch them. When I was old enough, and could sit still long enough, I was invited to play. Another great family game to play is Sorry. I discovered the game after I met my husband. My husband’s earliest memory of family game night involved playing Sorry with his grandmother. We taught our own children to play and now it has become one of our favorite games. We have even added little bells to the game. When one of the pieces returns home, or when one of the pieces gets knocked out, everyone gets to ring the bell in celebration. This tradition came from watching an old sitcom on television, The Carol Burnett Show. I grew up watching my mother and grandfather play hand after hand of 500 Rummy. My mother was his caretaker during the last years of his life. I would tag along most days and help with cleaning and laundry while she and grandpa would duel it out with fifty two cards and a bottle of, what I have now come to realize as an adult, was actually the adult version of Pepsi. My grandfather would giggle and slap the table after a good play and the smile on my mother’s face was priceless. I was never much of a card player until my...
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