Family Feud

Topics: Family, Sibling, Mother Pages: 4 (1669 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Sabrina Duran
18 February, 2013
Assignment 1: Memoir
Family Feud

It was a beautiful, bright and sunny Friday afternoon in mid-August. The winds were calm and the weather was great, nice and cool, not your typical scorching hot August weather. It was about a quarter till two when my cell phone rang, and upon checking it I noticed that it was my boyfriend’s little sister, Nana. I already knew what she was going to ask me, she usually asks to come over my house to play with the kids. However, I never imagined the reason for her calling would lead to a long lasting feud between me and my boyfriend’s sister in-law, a feud that will later lead to several family members’ involvement and cause hostility within the family. The conflict between myself and my boyfriend’s sister in-law, Nikki, took place this past year. Nikki is married to my boyfriend’s oldest brother, Junior. Before the incident between Nikki and I took place we were really good friends, we would get together all the time and hang out, mostly couples stuff, but we talked and text all the time, and occasionally would get together and have play dates with our kids. Nikki and Junior have three kids together, two girl’s ages five and two, and a son who is eight months. They currently live with Nikki’s parents and two of her younger siblings, in an attempt, so they say, to try and save money. The funny thing about it though is that they never do. Junior has a really good job, and they have very little expenses, but every week when he gets paid they go and blow all their money like it grows from a tree or something. They always take their two oldest girls to my boyfriend’s moms house every weekend for her to take care of them, and leave their youngest son with her mom, literally every weekend it’s the same routine, she never takes care of her own kids or spends time with them. My boyfriend has a younger sister who is...
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