Family Dysfunction

Topics: Family, English-language films, Sacrifice Pages: 1 (204 words) Published: November 20, 2014
(4) Family Dysfunction
I also found there are something about family dysfunction. In the play, Keller’s family used to be a happy family, but it was no longer a happy family because of the war. Larry, one of Keller’s son was missing (or dead?) in the war, and Kate, Larry’s mother, was still waiting for him. Chris, the other son of theirs, felt unhappy and wanted to move away. Keller seemed doing jail business. The happy family seemed to be broken. I think the main reason was the war. Without a war, less people die; without a war, Keller couln’t do jail business; without a war, the family would still live a a happy life. But now everyone in the family had a secret hidden in their heart. (5) Sacrifice

The last theme, I’d like to talk about is sacrifice. I think Keller was the one who sacrificed. Because he wanted to reach his American dream for his whole family. Then, he tried anything he could do to reach it, even the jail business. He gave up his own justice and rules. His son, Chris, couldn’t understand him. His other son’s dead seemed to be directly related to him.
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