Family Dollar Human Resources Organizational Analysis

Topics: Human resource management, Family Dollar, Variety store Pages: 26 (7920 words) Published: May 26, 2013

I. Executive Summary/Overview of Family Dollar

II. HR Scorecard- Analysis of Survey Results

III. Strategic HR Plan

IV. Business Case

V. References

I. Executive Summary/Overview of Family Dollar
This organizational analysis is an assessment of Family Dollar Inc., in regards to its overall strategic Human Resource functions. The analysis and recommendations are based on survey results, which were gathered from key employees in the organization. Based on our survey findings, we were able to assess Family Dollar’s performance in these areas: training and development, pay for performance, performance management, staffing & selection, on-boarding, career advancement, employee involvement, commitment to mission, diversity & inclusion, Human Resource (HR) transactional, HR service, view of organization, and engagement. After reviewing and analyzing the data, we have determined that the company is not correctly aligned with their strategic direction. The strategic vision does not currently focus on human capital as a driving force “To accelerate revenue growth, expand operating margins and optimize our capital structure.”

The survey shows that there are opportunities identified with the alignment of operations and HR. To increase performance and reduce disconnect from these departments, the pay for performance, staffing, and the internal branding or view of the organization will need further action by the company.

The organizational analysis of the survey results identified three weaknesses, which we have built strategic goals to follow and meet the strategic vision’s target points. Each strategic goal is further built and supported by three independent tactical goals. The three drivers of engagement that will support the largest upward movement in the organization are pay for performance, staffing and view of the organization.

• Pay for Performance
o Establish a better link between pay and performance so that we can improve productivity and profitability

• Staffing
o Reduce the turnover rate to lower the costs associated with hiring and training, which increases profitability

• View of Organization
o Reestablish the brand image to attract better candidates

“In 1958, a 21-year-old entrepreneur with an interest in merchandising became intrigued with the idea of operating a low-overhead, self-service retail store. Leon Levine believed he could offer his customers a variety of high-quality, good value merchandise for under $2. Because he had grown up in his family’s retail store, he understood value, quality and customer satisfaction. In November 1959, Leon Levine opened the first Family Dollar store in Charlotte, North Carolina, and was on his way to becoming a retailing legend. Right from the start, he had a well-developed philosophy of what Family Dollar would be and how it would operate, a philosophy from which he and his management team have never strayed. The concept is a simple one, “the customers are the boss, and you need to keep them happy” (1). Stores were set up through a very simple floor plan that were uniformly stocked and laid out. The manager’s focus was on customer service and delivering a true convenience store atmosphere. To this day with the over 7,500 stores, the plan has the same general concept which is to focus on the customer. Family Dollar Stores, Inc. is a neighborhood family orientated discount retailer where customers are able to find strong value in the everyday products that they need the most. The company in 2008 was the “top performer on the S&P 500 and in fiscal 2010 the company posted $7.9 billion in sales with $358 million in earnings” (2). Family Dollar offers great savings on everything from groceries to clothing and even national brands at strong value. Family Dollar’s...

References: 13. Florida, Richard. Paying Retail Workers a Little Better Can Make a Huge Difference. 2012.
15. Carrns, Ann. Training in Trouble, Companies Question Programs’ Value. 2010. Retrieved http//
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