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When I get home, I help my mom set the table for dinner while she asks about my day. When my dad gets back from work and the dog stops barking, we all sit down and eat together and talk about how everybody’s day went. Although many families have busy lives, families who eat dinner together are more successful because they have more support and a better connection with their family.

Family dinners are beneficial but some families have busy lives. Having a deadline can cause stress. When I have a set time to be home, sometimes I feel rushed, then I get stressed. Some kids have after school activities and can’t make it to dinner. During the summer, I was always out with my friends, and I didn’t like have a certain time to be home. I felt like attending dinner was interrupting what I was doing. The Bureau of Labor statistics hosted a survey about on average how people use their time in a day: “Americans age 15 and over slept about 8.7 hours, spent 5.4 hours doing leisure and sports activities, worked for 3.5 hours, and spent 1.7 hours doing household activities. The remaining 4.7 hours were spent in a variety of other activities” (“American Time Use”). School homework and projects cut into the amount of free time students have so maybe having dinner is taking the time they need. Although family dinners can be hard to fit into a schedule, dinners can also relieve stress.

Family dinners relieve stress and can strengthen family bonds. When I am having a stressful week at school, my parents help me plan my work. That relieves the majority of my stress and encourages me to work as hard as I can to get it done. Stress can cause a number of anxiety issues later in life. Too much anxiety can cause problems such as depression. Family dinners can also help people get control of their depression. Family dinners and family time are one of the most important things for a kid growing up. Family time or dinners steer children away from drugs and immoral activities. Ann...
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