Family Counseling Approach

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All families are different, just as every individual is unique within the family structure but the general concept of family counseling is universal. The point is to help families work through conflicts and create resolutions that respect each individuals in the family unit. Individual goals become the family’s total goal. Its not about placing blame or playing one family member against the other. Family counseling is about family healing.

Selecting a Family Counseling Service: Accepting that your family would benefit from an outsider helping to increase the harmony of all family members is just the first step. Locating a family counseling service that's right for you and yours is just as important. As counseling no longer carries the stigma it once had you can look to your religious leaders or members of your community. A search of the local yellow pages or your favorite search engine will also give you a list of available family counselors. The most important part of selecting a family counseling service is determining the ability of the counselor to reach every family member. So when selecting a service be aware that it's not all about you. Don't choose a religious leader for family counseling if religious differences are part of your family's concerns. A well trained non biased counselor is needed

Accept Benefits of Family Counseling: Being open to the need for family counseling, selecting a great family counselor and accepting revelations provided by the service is all part of the process. Learning that the stresses of life do come home with you is not as easy as saying "these children show me no respect" but saving the family unit is more important than each individual's awareness. You should never approach family counseling if you believe you already have the answer to your family's issues. Openness to change is the only thing you need to take to family counseling. The Issue of Choice: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

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