Family Communication

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Family Communication HCP 520 Family, Div& Conf Res

The word family conjures many different images for different individuals. When my son was younger if you asked him what a family was, he would say “mommy and me” and of course he’ll list his aunts and cousins he was familiar with. If asked if he would change our family he’ll say no…because it works for us; he’s happy with the way mommy helps him and loves him. Looking at our society today, we can see that families are very diverse. Families deal with an array of complexity, however, every family is different in the way they handle situation and certainly the way they communicate. What works for a family in one economic and cultural setting does not work for others. In observing the Mensah family and the Wright family I noticed dissimilarities in their family routine and interactions as well as some similarity in their life styles. Mr. and Mrs. Mensah were born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. They strongly believe in family values, keeping the marriage strong despite all odds, as well as the belief that children should honor their parents and respect all their decisions. The Wrights on the other hand are of Anglo-European decent they are very lay back in their parenting style and believe children have the right to speak their minds and should be respected in their privacy. These families have very different views on family values and child upbringing. However, there are some similarities in their communication and interactions with one another. The Mensahs both work outside of the home, however, Mrs. Mensah is required to carry out the duty of a housewife. She is responsible for ensuring the house is kept to par (cleaning, cooking and caring for the children); where as Mr. Mensah works and comes home to a clean house and warm food. His interaction with the children is minimal, family communication is limited to needs and...

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