Family Celebration

Topics: Christmas tree, Family, English-language films Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: April 11, 2015
Family celebration

My family celebrates a lot of events, the best family celebration is Christmas. Every year happens something spectacular that makes the holiday better. The best thing in Christmas is the sharing of gifts after church, and the love between us that day. That feeling of too many gifts coming too you in one day makes the holiday very sweet. Last year Christmas was the one I will remember for the rest of my life, because that following thing happened. Every one of us needed something and they never told the other they want it, but we knew it from the looks and the talks. I needed a computer for school and also my personal fun time. Before Christmas by about a week. We had the English film project to do at my house, we wrote the script on my sister’s PC and we were taking the film in the garden. We needed some things to buy, so we forgot the laptop in the garden and while we were out, it rained. When we were back home, we went to take a look on the script, we found the laptop soaking wet. Of course it was a big problem because of the information it had for school, and it wasn’t mine. We took it from the garden and got many tissues to try to dry the laptop. But badly my sister came down to check on her computer and it was the surprise. Karen ran crying to my mother telling her I sabotaged her computer. I needed a laptop but I never asked for one because my parents were already sad and at that time she would never get me anything new. While my sister needed a new school shoes, and everyone had something they wanted. So we went to church and went back. It was the best surprise ever because my parents got me a new laptop, my grandmother gave me money, my sister got me a new shoes, and my aunt got me a ball. It was spectacular because while we were distributing the gifts the Christmas tree fell on the maid and she fainted, it was hilariously funny, and at the same time it made this christmas spectacular and always remembered
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