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Topics: Management, Strategic management, Scientific method Pages: 4 (1002 words) Published: September 6, 2013
Journal of Family Business Strategy 4 (2013) 227–228

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Journal of Family Business Strategy
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Journal of Family Business Strategy – Special Issue “Ownership, Governance and Value in Family Firms” Guest Editors: Nadine Kammerlander, Philipp Sieger, Wim Voordeckers & Thomas Zellweger About the Special Issue Topic The topic of the special issue is dedicated to “Ownership, Governance, and Value in Family Firms”. This title of the special issue reflects the centrality of the underlying topics for the study of family firms just as the increasing interest of governance scholars in family businesses. Ownership and governance in family firms have attracted broad scholarly attention as critical determinants of family involvement with the potential to influence firms’ goal setting, strategic activities, and finally performance. Researchers have applied an ample set of theoretical perspectives – including agency theory, stewardship theory, and resource based view, to mention only a few – to investigate the different types of governance, related formalized and non-formalized governance mechanisms, and their implications on a variety of stakeholders – family, outside (minority) investors, community, society/ nation as a whole. Related to this topic, value creation – including the achievement of short and long-term financial and nonfinancial goals – has long been a core theme in family business literature. In addition, some voices have questioned whether a predominance of family ownership destroys value at a macro level, by creating incentives to pervert the political process and creating entry barriers to entrepreneurship by first generation entrepreneurs. To-date, despite the relevance of these core family business topics, many of the critical antecedents, precise mechanisms and key implications of family governance and ownership, still remain ambiguous. We thus encourage...
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