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Family Nursing Diagnosis
Kristine DeBarge
August, 15, 2012
Liana Garrett, RN-C, FNP

Family Nursing Diagnosis

Before using the following guidelines in completing family assessments, two words of caution. First, not all areas included below will be germane for each of the families visited. The guidelines are comprehensive and allow depth when probing is necessary. The student should not feel that ever sub-area needs to be covered when the broad area of inquiry poses no problems to the family or concern to the health worker. Second, by virtue of the interdependence of the family system, one will find unavoidable redundancy. For the sake of efficiency, the assessor should try not to report data, but to refer the reader back to sections where this information has already been described.

1. Family Name: Family MC
2. Address and Phone: Laguna Niguel, Ca, 949-715-7609
3. Family Composition (see table):
4. Type of Family Form: They are a single parent nuclear family. 5. Cultural (Ethnic) Background: Native American
6. Religious Identification: Christian and Native American 7. Social Class Status: Upper
8. Family’s Recreational or Leisure-Time Activities: Volleyball, swimming, walking, football, and church.

9. Family’s Present Developmental Stage: Family with teenagers ( 10. Extent of Developmental Tasks Fulfillment: Mother states, “I am fulfilled in my role of taking care of my kids and giving them the tools they need to make my role obsolete. 11. Nuclear Family History: One mother, one daughter, and one son. 12. History of Family of Origin of Both Parents: Both parents originally from Saint Regis Mohawk Reservation New York.

13. Characteristics of Home: A well built, two stories, brick home. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, moderate front yard, with a large back yard. 14. Characteristics of Neighborhood and Larger Community: Gated community with three parks, small lake, and horse path. 15. Family’s Geographic Mobility: Upwardly mobile. Mother states family has flown 73,000 miles during 2011, 1,000 miles via train and car 56,000 miles. 16. Family’s Associations and Transactions with Community: Members of Dana Hills High School Football Booster Club. Members of South Shores Church. Owner of MC… Educational Tools. 17. Family’s Social Support Network (Ecomap): Extended family (Grandmother lives in neighboring city), neighbors that the family interacts with live with in a 10 mile radius , and church members are used as extended family members.

18. Communication Patterns:
a. Extent of Functional and Dysfunctional Communication (Types of recurring patterns): Family consists of two teens and a single mother. Majority of communication appears to be functional, courteous, and productive. There have been moderate episodes of moderate aggression between son and mother. b. Extent of Emotional (Affective) Messages and How Expressed: Emotions are freely expressed and received. c. Characteristics of Communication within Family Sub-systems: Communication appears to be healthy. During meal times there is active exchange of ideas and each member is given equal time to participate. d. Extent of Congruent and Incongruent Messages: Both the mother and the teens appear to have the majority of their communication be congruent. However, Mother at times tells her daughter I love you but I don’t like you sometimes. Ha Ha e. Types of Dysfunctional Communication Processes Seen in Family: Occasionally observed parent led communication that limits child participation and input and at other times, the teens appear not to engage in any communication. f. Areas of Open and Closed Communication: The majority of the communication in this family is open as evidenced...

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