Family Backgroud Affects How a Person Perceives the World

Topics: Africa, Human, Humans Pages: 3 (873 words) Published: May 9, 2012
Every person perceives the world differently as each and every one of the human being is grown in a different family. The family background of a person can mould that person into who the parents once were in order for the person to blend in into the society. As the saying goes, no man is an island, the human being is unable to live a peaceful and normal life without company. This is where the family comes into account where that person will learn how to socialise with the others and in turn, influences how a person perceives the world.

There are several factors that can come into account when considering how people are influenced by their family. The first factor lies in the behavior of their parents. A family with kind and caring parents will raise children that will become kind and caring towards the society, while a family with violent parents will raise children that will have problems in the society. As people used to say, children are remnants of their parents, the parents play an important role in how their children perceive the world. The parents are able to mould the way their children behave because when people are still very young, they tend to mimic facial expressions, behaviors and even the way of thinking that are exhibited by the people around them. This is a natural learning process in which will help the human beings to blend into the crowd they are grown in, in order to survive. Thus, different people from different families will have different concept of how the society is, based on their parent’s perception.

Another factor that affects how a person sees the world is based on the family condition that person grew up in. If a boy is born with a silver spoon, he will become a man with little competitive skills while, a boy born into a family with financial crisis and other hardship in his early life, he will develop a motivated spirit inside of him, and always try to strive for the better, thus making him a more competitive person in future....
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