Family Assessment Paper

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Hypertension Pages: 5 (1328 words) Published: April 15, 2013

Family Health Risk Assessment Paper
Tynette Miller

Submitted to Dr. Sarah Combs in Partial Fulfillment of
NR478 Community Health Nursing Practicum
Regis University
April 3, 2013

A comprehensive family assessment provides a foundation to promote family health, Edelman & Mandle, C. L., (2011). This assessment of family health offers many approaches that involve getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of the family. According to Stanhope & Lascaster (2010), the family nursing assessment is the cornerstone for family nursing interventions and systematic processes that are used to identify the family’s developmental stages and risk factors. The Friedman Family Assessment Model (2003) provides guidelines for nurses to interview the structure and function of families. This paper will implement the Friedman Family Assessment Tool to assess the Harvey Family. Identify Data:

The Harvey Family is a traditional family that is composed of 4 family members. AH is the father and is a 39 year old black male with a college degree in business. He is a plant manager at a steel mill in Jackson, MS. Mrs. BH is also African American and is the mother of the family. She is 35 years old and teaches at one of the local high schools in Jackson, MS. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey have 2 kids. CH is a 13 year on girl who is in the 7th grade and has asthma. Her brother, DH, is 6 years old in the 1st grade with no present known medical history. The whole family takes weekend trips every other weekend. They enjoy hiking, amusement parks, computers, shopping, and site seeing. Parents’ perception is that they are hardworking, good citizens who strongly believe in God and their religious beliefs are Methodist. This family appears to be in good health and proud parents of 2 kids. The family strengths consist of a rich history of Methodist beliefs, strong family morals, and high levels of education for greater opportunities. Family Structure:

This couple has been married for 15 years. According to the Freidman Family Assessment Model (2003), their present developmental stage would be family with adolescent / young child. The extent of each of the parent’s developmental task appears to be properly fulfilled. They both agree not to have any more children. They practice safe sex with one partner and have no history of sexually transmitted diseases. The general health of the immediate family is overall good. The family history of the extended family denotes grandparents with hypertension and a few members who suffer with asthma. The father was diagnosed with hypertension and the mother denied any medical history except for a tubal ligation. The paternal grandfather (GH) is 75 years old and suffers from hypertension and is a heavy smoker. The paternal grandmother (SH) passed away 2 years ago from a stroke.


She was 70 years old. The maternal grandfather (SJ) is 77 and is under the care of a pulmonologist for COPD and asthma. The maternal grandmother (AJ) is 74 and has hypertension. BH has 2 brothers, (BJ and CJ). They both have hypertension also. AH also has siblings, 2 sisters (FH and KH) and 1 brother, (JH). FH has asthma and KH and JH both have hypertension. Environmental Data

The Harvey Family lives in a well kept 4 bedroom brick home outside of the city limits of Jackson, MS. The community where they live is fairly small with a total of approximately 5600 citizens. Their gated neighbor has a code of covenants and each home has fences surrounded the backyard. They deny being active in the community activities. CH plays junior high basketball and DH is a part of their afterschool program, Frontiers. Family function

The couple both agreed to being happily married and have a...
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