Family and Women Main Tasks

Topics: 2006 singles, Family, Gender role Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Men and Women Should Be Treated Equally
For a very long time, many people believed that men should work harder than women because they are responsible to feed and support their family. Most jobs required muscles strength therefore men thought to be responsible for it and they were treated more than women. Women main tasks were to watch over their children and look after their house, families and husband. I agree with the statement that men and women should be treated equally as they were born equally. Nowadays, we can see that women have many more choices and opportunities compare to years ago; they can do anything and get involved in all areas. To get started, justice is probably the most significant factor that shows why men and women have to be equal. For instance, when men wake up in the morning and go to work, and while women stay at home to clean, cook and look after the children, they might feel abandoned and frustrated that they would want to work too. This is unfair for both of them because women can be just as useful as men and they can be helpful outside the home.

Next, together, men and women can raise their children in a better environment if both of them do what they like. I believe that happiness is another factor for being equal. Women were not satisfied enough because they felt that they could not live without their men, they could not be independent and they had to live in this way although they did not want to. I think satisfaction is important to make life easier and nicer. For example, women are now happier than before, because they can now live by themselves, without the necessary of men and they can also raise their children alone. Nowadays, women can also financially support their families and husband. Women should not be treated differently than men. According to studies, there is no difference between the quality and standards of work done by men and women who do the same kind of work. Till today, women are paid much more lesser...
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