Family and Wife

Topics: Family, Marriage, Mother Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: September 10, 2012
In contrast to the other stories in the textbook, “Albert and Esene,” by Frances Khirallah Noble was very interesting because it shows us at first how important to have a good relationship between a husband and a wife. Then it was a happy ending story. In the story, Albert was a good husband to his wife Esene by being there for her anytime she needs him even though she didn’t has a child. All he did is to make the marriage more interesting than ever by treating her as a lovely wife, a partner for life and as human being who has feelings and who needs affection. Marring a woman and think that she is only made to take care of the whole family, or even think that she is made to be good in the bedroom is it really the only important thing in marriage?

In his article, Frances talks about widow woman named Esene adapting to a new life. In the story Esene was married to Albert who has two sisters named Safiyah and Amelia who also lost their husbands. Albert was older than Esene and he also taught her how to read and write so she could be able to write Christmas cards. At the beginning she didn’t like it but later she starts enjoying it. However, in the country women don’t read, so they kept it as secret from the whole family. Esene does not have a child so her sister-in laws and everyone else in the Albert’s family blamed her. Happily, Albert was always there for her anytime she needs him; he always consoled her when her sister-in-laws are acting mean toward her. Unfortunately, one day the secret came out accidently when Esene started saying words in English and then she read a name of a street.

In my opinion, I think Albert was a very good husband to Esene. He had a lovely and cherish relationship whit his wife. I think he taught his wife how to write and read not just to write Christmas card but also to prepare her for tomorrow if anytime happen to him and also he taught her how to write or read just to show her that she doesn’t...
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