Family and Unilever

Topics: Family, Iced tea, Ho Chi Minh Pages: 3 (909 words) Published: March 31, 2013
2.1 Macro Environment 
2.1.1 Economy - Residential 
a) Economic 
-The policy of the Vietnamese industry is mutually agreed to build the economy of Vietnam following the trend of industrialization and modernization; giving priority to attract foreign investment, especially from transnational companies and multinationals such as Unilever to increase its budget.  The domestic market (wholesale, retail, flow of goods, etc.) has grown much more. And infrastructure in major cities, especially Ho Chi Minh City have been adequate investment, first on a par with other countries in the region.  -Unilever Vietnam as the consumer goods market in this new, more "land" to business.  -Economic growth of Vietnam is low possibility that high consumption of products.  -Finance, Vietnam credit growth, the stock market is fragmented. In addition, telecommunications systems, communications, telephone charges, postal and Internet have the highest rates around the world. So, it the introduction of the Internet in business is not possible for Unilever, although the company has repeatedly refers to this goal as a way to reach customers and promote your products successfully in industrialized countries.  b) Population 

-In addition to the extended family model non-traditional married family. Also added and growing one share, and have major differences in consumer decision model extended family.  -Distribution of population in Vietnam is very uneven. Rural population lives in 72%  Large-scale population of 86 million people (13th in the world), rising by about 1 million per year. $ Hardworking, eager to learn, is considered receptive knowledge, new technology. So promise quality human resources for Unilever  -Vietnam Educational level is relatively high, especially in urban areas. A lot of people graduating from high school and college ... compared to other countries; further intellectual labor in Vietnam better performance excellence in technology-so this is an abundant human...
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