Family and U14 Golden Angles

Topics: Family, A Great Way to Care, Mother Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: April 28, 2011
Vignette #1

One minute I was laughing having a great time with my best friend, and the next the two of us were staring at each other; fear in our eyes, tears running down our checks.

Emily and were best friends (We still are!). Our friendship was incredible (don’t get me wrong though, we still fought and shared bad memories). Right after Emily turned seven our parents started us on the same year-round swim club. The club swam out of Sterling Heights High School on some nights and Warren Mott High School on others. Since practice was so far away from our homes, we would eat dinner before practice. However, every night on the way home from practice we would have a snack. There were many places to stop on our drive back to Grosse Pointe, although we tried to bring our own with us

Emily and I were particularly enthusiastic on this night. It was fairly humid out and the moist air was refreshing since the harsh winter had just come to a close. The inky night stung our eye. Driving west on Schoenherr Rd., toward home, we stopped at one of the various Little Caesars on our route toward home. The greasy smell of the pizza was too hard to resist any longer. Quickly, we each picked a slice out of the warm box and inhaled the mouthwatering pizza.

The next thing I knew, Emily’s mom was easing to a stop at the corner of Twelve Mile and Schoenherr. We were laughing so hard our stomachs hurt, when out of nowhere an abrupt force snapped my neck backwards. Simultaneously, Emily’s pizza left her hands and flew through the air smashing into the front windshield. Panicking, I stared toward Emily and she did the same back. Tears ran down her checks and fear filled our bodies (Emily recently told me the only reason she was so upset was because she lost her slice of pizza!).

No one was hurt that day, yet the memories of that day continue to haunt me.

Vignette #2

I can’t remember exactly how old I was, but I was younger than four...
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