Family and Society

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Responsibility, Social responsibility Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Family and society

Families are a microcosm of society means family is a version of society. So many people are discussing about this, some people think they are similar but others think it is different. This essay will talk about family is a microcosm of society or not, and It will discuss form rules and responsibility and also relationship in family and society.

At first, some of the people thought family is difference with society, and they also get a lot reasons like the relationship in family and society are different. In their mind, society is the place that out of family, so family is family, it will never be a microcosm of society. Family is constitute by the people have blood relationship, but the people don’t know each other makes up the society. Maybe it will have some close relationship between the people in society, but it still looks slim in blood relationship. There is a example to show how difference between the two relationships, if you get trouble you can ask anyone for help in your family, they will be happy to help you, no matter what you do they will support you forever, but In society, if you get trouble and you ask for help, 99.9% people won’t try to help you. So that’s the difference between family and society, and it family is not the microcosm of society.

However, as everyone knows rules are exist in families and society, and they are really similar in some ways. Every family will have some rules to restrict what can family members do. In fact not only family have rules but also society do. Every country will have law to astrict the people in society. For example both in family and society, nobody will want to see someone has been killed, it is also the rules that not allow people to kill anyone, and we also have to respect others and etc. So in this point, family and society are really similar, we can say family is a microcosm of society.

Responsibilities are very important to everybody, the people in same society but...
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