Family and Red Brick House

Topics: Family, Human leg, Happiness Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: November 12, 2013
Christmas Changed My Life
As I was laying down on the cold bed,people with scrubs and masks were surrounding my bed. When I saw each of them had needles, I was worried, I'm wondering what they would they will do, I thought to myself. As I felt the sharp needles going through my soft skin all over my legs, it had felt like gang memebers were stabbing me to death. Yes, I had screamed to the top of my lungs like Mariah Carey but in a painful voice. Let me start from the beginning of what had happened.

On Decemeber 25th 2007,
My parents were driving a silver beige like cadillac to my grandparents' house. As we arrived to the red brick house, I saw my grandma waving and smiling at us. As soon as I heard the engine stop, I unlocked my door,open the door, and then ran into my grandma's arms. She was wearing the red and green sweater we bought her for Christmas. The time my parents and my sister got out of the car, I was inside. As soon as I walked inside,big gush of air went through my nose smelling like delicious macaroni and cheese, chicken, rice and other food. It had felt like Christmas because people are chitter chatting, getting along,feeling loved, and hapiness. I went outside at night on the porch with my cousins. My cousin Josh, was eight years old. His brother Jeremiah, was fifteen years old. We were just talking about what we had get for Christmas,telling jokes, and just enjoying this wonderful night. Minutes later, my sister Abrina, went outside and joined us.

Few Hours later we were going back inside after good laughter. My cousins had open the door for us. When I turned my head slowly I had looked at their faces. Both of their face expression was fear. When I had looked down and I had saw something big and real furry infront of me. I just ran outside without thinking while yelling and screaming. I was running and running and will never give up running. I wasn't paying attention what was around me. I tripped over a beige stone and fell on my...
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