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Character and Characterization
In My Oedipus Complex
Frank O’Connor

My Oedipus Complex is a story told about a young boy named Larry who spent most of his time with his Mother. He lost his Mother’s attention after his Father returned to home from the war. There are the characters in the story: Larry, his Mother, his Father, and Sonny. Larry is a round character because characteristic of Larry is change from the story beginning until the end of the story. First, Larry is kind and vivacious child, but after his Father returned to home, and his Mother gave more attentions to her husband than him, Larry became resentful and jealous child because losing his Mother’s undivided attention. He found himself in a constant struggle to get back his Mother’s affections. In this paper I would like to tell about the character and other characterization of Larry.

There are Larry’s character and characterization:
1. Larry is imaginative child.
I think he has an imagination, because he enjoys acting out dramatic situations with Mrs. Left and Mrs. Right. In fact Mrs. Left and Mrs. Right are Larry’s feet. They become Larry’s friend when Larry felt alone. In line 20, “I put my feet out from under the clothes –I called them Mrs. Left and Mr. Right, and invented dramatic situations for them in which they discussed the problems of the day.” When Larry has a problem, he always share and discuss it with them. Also he asks about a good idea for doing something. In line 24, “They discussed what Mother and I should do during the day, what Santa Claus should give a fellow for Christmas.” 2. Larry is lonely child.

He always plays with his feet. I think the reason he gives name his feet because he desires a companion. He has done this for several reasons, he never had a sibling to keep him company, and it seems that his feet are only source of entertainment. Someone who always spends time with him is only his Mother. When he gives name his feet...
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