Family and Mother

Topics: Family, Nuclear family, Mother Pages: 2 (887 words) Published: September 19, 2013
The Forbidden Cupboard
As a child I had always seen my mother performing all her duties sincerely and trying her level best for the betterment of our family. So to mention our family comprised of just three members; me, my mother and my father. Though it is evident that we belong to a nuclear family but in the beginning the story was a bit different. At first, we used to live in a joint family. It was a wonderful feeling to live with the caring elders and loving members. We enjoyed our lives up to the fullest; until one day, when a bad news propagated towards our family. I received a blow when I heard the following words echoing from my father's mouth; "I have lost my job". I received even a harder blow a few days later when I heard that as we could not contribute a single pie in the family we have to leave the house. Soon we moved in to a much smaller apartment. As it was very hard for us to pay the house rent my mother took up a job in an entertainment institute. Since then, my father became a silent man. He found solitude in his isolation and was always preoccupied with thoughts running from everywhere to everywhere. Though he never informed us, but still we knew that he was trying hard to find a job, but unfortunately his luck did not favor him. Then one day when I returned from school I could not find my father anywhere in or near our apartment. It was like he had vanished out of the blue. I searched for him frantically, fear took over me. So I decided to call up my mother. When she reached home she looked pale and terrified, but remained strong. She did not even try to search for him. It was I who ran madly through the streets searching for him. Since then my mother has become expressionless and has become more dutiful and has turned in to a workaholic woman... these are some of the memories and feelings of my mother which I came across the forbidden cupboard. I broke down to tears when I finished reading my mother's diary. I kept the diary carefully and...
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