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Dylan Williams
Math Autobiography
Hi, my name is Dylan Williams. I want to share some things with you about me. I will talk about my family, the places I’ve been, and my past math experiences. First, I love my family! I have a little sister her name is Kennedy. She is so nice and sweet, but she can also be mean. I also have a big brother who goes to UVA. His name is Ventress - like my dad. We call him by his middle name, Colin. My mom and dad are divorced but they’re still friends. My mom is nice, forgiving, and loves me to death. My dad is funny, nice, and crazy. I also love to travel. One of the places I travel is Atlanta. I go to Atlanta to visit my godfather, who is a retired NFL player. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and two kids – Joey and Kali. Joey and Kali are so nice and fun to be around. Another place I like traveling to is Chicago. I have family in Chicago. My great-grandmother lives there. During the summer my sister and I and our cousin visit her. My cousin’s name is Leonard. Leonard is funny and weird. I also have two uncles there. My grandpa is also there sometimes. My grandfather lives in Michigan, and he is like a math genius. Math is not my favorite subject, but I have gotten better at it because of my grandfather and my teachers – Ms. Mowry and Mr. May. Ms. Mowry really helped me develop in math and so did Mr. May. He taught me a lot and really helped me grow and learn in math. This is almost the end of my note or letter.

In closing, I have traveled many places besides Atlanta and Chicago, but those are my favorites. I have had great math teachers, including my grandfather. I hope you could be one. I love my family and they love me. This is just little taste of my life. Hope you enjoyed.

Traveling Family
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