Family and Jack London

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Lloyd Hargrove
Coach Platt

English III

14 April 2011

The Famous Life of Jack London

Jack London is one of the greatest natural writers. When jack was a child, he lived a very awkward and hectic life. As jack got older he got married twice and had three kids. He also wrote a lot about nature and wildlife in his books. However, by jacks forties he died. Jack London will always be known for his natural writing. Jack London was born in San Francisco, California in 1876 (Hart). He was the son of an unmarried woman named Flora Wellman who was a very wealthy woman (Stasz). He is said to be the son of William Henry Chaney who was a journalist, lawyer, and major figure in the development of American astrology (Hart). While jack was young, his family was constantly on the move moving house to house and state to state (Stasz). Here are some of the places jacks were moved around to Oakland, CA, Alameda, CA, San Mateo County, CA, and to Livermore, CA (Timeline). Finally, Jack’s family moved back to Oakland, CA. Were Jack found a library and started to go back to school. He started going to school when he was supposed to be in the fourth grade but Jack finished grammar school by eighth he graduated from Cole Grammar School. Form there Jack went and borrowed money to become an oyster pirate. He also bought a boat called the Razzle Dazzle. After he gets done with being an oyster pirate he starts doing fish patrol for Benicia, CA (Timeline). Let us just say that it seems to me like Jack had a hectic and fast passed life growing up.

Flora Williams Jacks mom who was a well off woman that came from a family that had money. Flora was born in Massillon, Ohio, August 17, 1843. She was the youngest of five. Her father Marshall Wellman, the richest man were they lived. Floras mom Eleanor Garrett Jones was the daughter of a devoted circus- rider of Welsh Extraction (Kingman). By Flora’s mid-seventies, she was excessively crippled from arthritis to use...
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