Family and Indigenous Languages

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THE NEED TO PROMISE THE STUDY OF INDIGENOUS LANGUAGE IN NIGERIA It is a pity that Nigeria’s indigenous languages have been relegated to the background over the years. Nigerian students are taught in English Language which is also regarded as the lingua franca of the country. This is not good enough. Though Nigeria has several indigenous languages, there is need to promote the study of these indigenous languages. This is why the Federal Ministry of Education made it compulsory for every student to study at least one Nigerian language at the Senior Secondary School level. Even during the tenure of Professor Babs Fafunwa as the ministry of education, it was canvassed that indigenous languages should be used to teach primary school students. Languages are associated with culture and tradition of the people. Therefore, the adoption of another people’s language as a medium of communication in Nigeria indicates that we have relegated our own culture and tradition to the background. This may also connote that we have not as a country thrown away every relic of colonization. Indigenous languages, if promote can be the unifying factor in Nigeria. They promote peaceful co-existence and tolerance among the Nigeria people who will have a sense of belonging in the country. In addition, indigenous languages also promote understanding and appreciation of our own culture and tradition. Why do we have to promote the culture of a foreign country at the expense of our own? The promotion and study of indigenous languages will also give us national identity. A language is always associated with a nation. So, if we promote and study our own indigenous languages, the world will identify us with these indigenous languages. There are lots of benefits to gain from promoting our indigenous languages. The lingua franca which we have been clamouring for over the years will ultimately emerge if we can promote the study of these indigenous languages. Furthermore, the study of these languages will enable our children to be conversant with mother tongues since thoughts and language can hardly be separated. Finally, it is an established fact that a leaner first thinks in the language of his environment and this process of thinking enriches his experience about his immediate environment and culture. Hence, a thorough foundation must be laid in the study of our indigenous languages in the country.


Good day, Mr. Chairman, panel of judges, co-debators, ladies and gentlemen and my most attentive audience. My name is Oluwole Oludayo. I am here to support the motion which states that ‘Nigeria’s next president should be a woman”. 2015, it is expected that a new civilian president will emerge to direct the affairs of the country. The presidential candidates for each of the parties have been nominated but there is one thing that I am sure most of us have not noticed all candidates are men! Sometimes, I sit down and wonder why we cannot have at least a woman among the presidential candidates since we got independence in 1960, no woman has been given the chance to contest the presidential election and I think that our great nation is making a mistake. First and foremost, if Nigeria has a woman as her president, there are so many advantages and benefits that we can enjoy. One of such benefits is that a woman president can be more honest than men. When we have an honest president, then we can begin to think of economic growth. Furthermore, we all know the popular saying which goes thus: ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better’. Indeed, this saying is true because women have proved to be better leaders than men. For instance look at the famous Magaret Thatcher. She is a woman of virtue, discipline and honour. She has proved that women can in fact excel in a man world. In addition to this, if Nigeria next president is a woman, she would be upright, disciplined and very firm she would...
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