Family and Holidays

Topics: Family, Cake, Mother Pages: 2 (327 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Luba Msuku
Holidays are for being lazy. And watching TV all day and night. They are for surfing on big waves. Playing in mud and getting dirty. Watching DVD’s. They are for spending time with your family. Swimming with your friends. Making cupcakes with your mom. And flying kites. Having picnics with your family. Watching clouds. Or sitting under a tree. Playing with your brother. Spending time with sister. And going to the beach. And collecting sea shells. Making necklaces. Picking flowers. Making fairy gardens. And going to the park. I love holidays!!!!!

Mufaro Bhunu
Holidays are for sleeping late. And swimming with friends. They are also for planting plants in the garden. And making sand castles on the beach. They are also for eating ice-cream with my family. And making mud pies. They are for catching butterflies with my sister. They are also for going on rollercoaster’s. And climbing high Mountains. They are for climbing trees. And going fishing. I love holidays.

Lily Philip
Holidays are for flying a kite on a windy day. And doing puzzles with my Gran. And swimming in the pool. Having a sleepover with my friends. Seeing my cousins. Looking at rain with my sisters. And watching clouds.

Holidays are for surfing on big waves. And collecting sea shells. Watching TV all day. And having ice-creams with my friends.
They are for making Scooby’s with my mum. And dressing up as a dog. I love holidays.

Danai Muzembe
Holidays are for rolling in the grass watching butterflies. And for watching television all day. And camping with my Dad. Holidays are for daydreaming. Getting pies for my Mum.
For riding my bike. They are for climbing up a mountain. Baking a chocolate cake with my Mum. Playing with my Dad’s computer. Painting pictures.
Surfing on the beach, and fishing with my Dad.
Making fairy gardens and pretending to be a princess.
I love the holidays.
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