Family and Grandpa

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Glass Pages: 3 (795 words) Published: June 10, 2013
My Grandpa, My Inspiration
“Oh hi kiddo!” my grandpa said in disbelief as I walked in my grandparents’ house.

My grandpa was in utter shock to see me as he put his glasses on just to make sure it was actually me he was seeing through his weak and glassy eyes. He shot up from the couch and swiftly grabbed his walker. He came over to me and just giving him a hug, I felt like I had to be careful because he seemed so fragile.

“Betty!” my grandpa yelled in a slightly crackled voice as he called my grandma into the room to greet me and the rest of my family. We settled down into the little old house and unpacked our bags. After our long 900 mile drive, my grandpa wanted to take us out to Nashville so we could all unwind. My grandpa raced his walker into the bathroom so he could spruce himself up. Once he brushed a comb through his thick silvery hair, we were ready to go.

“I sure do look handsome, don’t I?” my grandpa said, conceitedly. We all packed into his van, filling every seat in it and we left. After 40 minutes of being stuck in a car again, we finally arrived to Nashville. I always love going to Nashville and so does my grandpa so we were both the most excited to be there.

“What are we going to do while we are here?” I asked.
My grandpa wobbled over to me and said “Whatever you want to do Banana!” My Grandpa always went with the flow of things and never really planned events out. I decided to go to a botanical garden that was inside of a mall. We walked through the aisles of vibrant flowers and my grandpas eyes were full of excitement as he admired the beauty of the nature. “So how do you like this place?” My mom asked my grandpa. “What did you say?!” he replied.

She repeated herself multiple times before he could pick up what she was saying. Once we finished walking through the maze of flowers and plants, we decided to go somewhere else while there was still sunlight.

“Lets go out to lunch!” my grandpa suggested while he...
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