Family and Grandfather S Visits

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randfather Essay.
The poem ‘In memory of my grandfather’ was written for mainly the author himself, Edward Storey. He wanted to show everyone how much his grandfather impacted his life, and to send the message out that time with grandparents is time to be treasured. After moving to the city and not being close to him anymore, it says “...Only now, years later in a cramped city can I truly be grateful for his love”. It shows he treasured the time he had with him. When the grandfather is gone, the boy’s life is dull and claustrophobic. The boy was ill and therefore bedridden frequently. The grandfather’s visits were what the boy looked forward to. As it says in the text “I was glad of his coming”. But the parents do not approve of the grandfather: “whenever he came, it was at the wrong time.” Since the grandfather is loud, large and not caring about what other people think of him, the boy’s parents think he’s a bad influence and doesn’t want him there. The parent’s themselves sound like they slightly neglect the boy and doesn’t spend much time with him. When the grandfather is gone, the house is described as ‘cramped with only furniture’. This is almost a veiled criticism towards the parents, in the sense that the house contains many material objects, but no love. It also portrays the house as inanimate and lifeless. The author describes his time in bed as a ‘summer less Season’ – his life is colourless, long and dragged out without the grandfather there. He brings a sense of nature indoors. There is an extended metaphor carried out through the poem of the grandfather being ‘like a tree’.

The grandfather is portrayed as nature, but personified. His main characteristic is being ‘like a tree’. The grandfather is compared to a tree multiple times in the poem. One of the main lines that describes him as a tree is ‘...Roots spread all over the hearth’. This shows that he is big, spread out and linked strongly with the house and the boy. Tree’s are strong and...
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