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Essay – Holiday vacation

It was last summer, where I and my family spend our time in Kosovo. It was last summer, when my family and I spent our time in Kosovo. It was a long time since we've there last, so we were all excited. We were happy to see our family and they welcomed us with open arms. We had planned to stay in my uncle's house during our vacation. Because we hadn't seen each other for a long time, so we had a lot of things to talk about. I was starting to learn the other kids from the neighbourhood, they were really nice, and I like to spend time with them. My cousin is the same age as my little brother, and he is really annoying! He has no respect for me, even though I am older than him. We don't have that special friendship you normally have with your cousins. I didn't think so much about it because I have a big family, so I spend my time with them instead. I actually had a nice time there. There were many outdoors swimming pools, and palms everywhere. It was so beautiful in Kosovo you couldn't imagine how it was; it was blazing to be there. I saw wonderful girls everywhere, and it couldn't be better for me. The sun shone it was perfect. Sunbathing was excellent. Shopping was perfect there, it was cheap and you could haggle about the price, it was interesting why in Denmark you cannot do that. The Albanians in Kosovo they don’t have the same conditions that we have in Denmark, they earn just enough to feed their families. They cannot just go and buy clothes or furniture like we can in Denmark; they have to save money for many years if they want to buy something.

I also saw lot of gypsies there, they begged where they could, they had often their child with them, so they could get more money, because when you see a child, you got pity with the child, then you feel that you have to give them a euro or more, it depends how much money you have with you. One of the best things was that I spoke my native language there and it was great, because in...
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