Family and Doctor

Topics: Family, Physician, English-language films Pages: 3 (1227 words) Published: June 8, 2013
Before I go with the topic to express “Why I want to be a part of Yashoda’s Young Doctor’s Camp”. I like to tell a small incident that had changed my goal and the way I really got admired. The incident took place when I was studying in class 6.I was suffering with high fever, and then usually my parents took me to the nearby doctor. This was the time when my brain was concentrating seriously, I observed that all the patients were keen to meet the doctor and express their disarray. They relied on the doctor totally which was easily understood by their smiling faces after consulting the doctor. They also believed that he was the only one who can cure their disarray. This made me to think that the profession of a doctor has a high position in the society and he is the one who will be trusted forever. Then I have decided to have my goal to become a doctor. I started to work hard from that moment towards my goal. Even I used to have a feeling in my mind that I can really do my best to prove myself. From then I started to work hard in the field of science .This showed me immense results .I was able to maintain a huge patience in my all works. And even I started to analyze what should be maintained to have a good health. Being a doctor is really tough and it will need huge patience and hard work. I want to relate to another incident that took place in my life when I was 2 years old. Don’t be shocked that how I can remember what happened when I was two years old it is not magic, but my father revealed it to me. I used to live with my grandparents those days. I was suffering with heavy motions those days. My grandfather was cautious about the viral infections and took me to the hospital for treatment. The doctor gave me a medicine named with ‘G’. My grandpa gave the prescription to the pharmaceutical shop person. H e gave the medicine to my grandpa and it was given to me. But, the results after using the medicine were different; my disarray was not cured for even...
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