Family and Daughter

Topics: Family, Abortion, Daughter Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: February 17, 2014
The story “ The Abandoner” by Ma Jian is about the Chinese vice-chairman’s effort to abandon his first daughter. He desperately desires to have a son in order to carry on his family lineage, yet the fortune teller predicts he will never have one. Accurately, his wife gives birth to two daughters, and his first child, Miaomiao is incapable mentally and physically. Due to the one-child policy, he can’t have a third child unless his first daughter is disappeared. Therefore, to fulfil his ambition, he seeks to abandon his first daughter. Nonetheless, no matter what happens to her, Miaomiao is always able to return home safe and sound. After two years of attempting to abandon his daughter, ironically, she happens to become his only best friend with whom he can share everything, and he starts protecting her.

As I read this story, one of the themes I thought of first is conservativeness, and I deem that it is unreasonable in today’s time, so the inequality between men and women still happens. This notion is a reason of the increase in population in China because people keep bearing babies until they have a son to continue their family line. Like the man in the story, as a result of his extreme ambition of wanting an heir, he seeks every way in order to break the one-child policy. He is willing to abandon his own daughter, and he even neglects his responsibilities for society and family. According to the story, even though he is promoted to the chairman position, he wants to retire to finish his job. In my view, this man is capable. However, instead of contributing his proficiency to help people and make their lives better, he uses it to resist his fate. He must have a son. If all Chinese has a same idea like him, how this country could develop. Also, the world would miss numerous talents from China.The world population would increase quickly without any stop.Therefore, I believe conservative not only make us less developed, but it might also cause...
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