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4.02 Guatemala - Práctica

A. Answer the following questions. These answers can be found in the video.

Describe the life of Cesar and his family.
Cesar and his family speak Spanish and Chichi. Cesar has two sisters, Anne Elizabeth and Analina. They help around the house and work at the family store. Anne is a student and Analina is a substitute teacher who teaches language. Cesar’s mom is a widow and works at the pharmacy. His grandmother grows corn and other food. Cesar helps out with his family and goes to school.

1. Why is the market so important in their city?
Economy is based on the market. Their family’s depend on the market.

2. What is the major craft of Guatemala?
The major craft of Guatemala is weaving cloth.

3. What type of school does Cesar attend? What are the courses offered there? The type of school Cesar attends is vocational school. They learn job skills. There is wood working, sewing, farming and electrical work.

4. How does Cesar generally spend his time outside of school? Cesar goes to his uncles to work, goes to counseling at church, walks to grandmas, helps in the store, reads, plays basketball and sits at the river.

5. What foods do he and his family eat a lot of?
Cesar and his family eat a lot of tortillas and black beans.

6. Describe what they do to prepare for Carnival in their city? To prepare for the Carnival they make festival eggs to decorate and sell. They also set up booths.

B. Write a short composition in English comparing and contrasting the lifestyle of people where you live and that of the people of Chichicastenango. Support your answers with facts from the video. Be sure to include: the climate

celebrations (Easter)
goals (both personal and as a city)
lifestyle in general
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