Family and Carers

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Identify the reasons for partnerships with carers
Working with carers is an essential aspect of work with children and young people because: •Gives the children a sense of security
Helps families to feel comfortable with sharing the child’s care •Encourages the sharing of information
Promotes discussion of issues affecting the child
Encourages the family to become involved in the settings activities •Contributes to a positive atmosphere in the setting
Fosters opportunities to consult with/get feedback from families.

Describe how partnerships with carers are developed and sustained in own work setting In an early years setting carers should be made to feel welcome in the setting, carers should be greeted by their name and practitioners wearing name badges could help so new staff will know who they are or a notice board with all staff pictures and information about their role. To develop and sustain partnership with carers the following could help: Valuing diverse family backgrounds- lots of different types of families love and care for children correctly. For example, backgrounds will reflect: •Different cultures, religions, beliefs and relationships between adults •That some children live with family members others than their parents •That some children live with carers that are not related to by blood •That some children divide their time between more than one home •That some children may live within social care facilities rather than a family home

Describe circumstances where partnerships with carers may be difficult to develop and sustain It may be difficult to establish and develop partnerships when carers do not wish to become involved. This could be because: •they are working or have other commitments- appointments such as parents evening can be arranged to share a child’s development with their parent or carers if the carer is short of time to discuss things unplanned. •they do not feel that they have anything to...
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