Family and Abbey

Topics: Family, Mother, Parent Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Blonde hair, blue eyes and a sad look. This was the face of an innocent little girl named Abbey. Abbey was only 10 years old and she lived at home with her mother and father. She had no one to play with and her only friend was a little toy bear, it was old and falling apart and it had patches of hair. Abbey was an only child and was just about to start year 5 at Howard Pubic School.

The poor little girl wasn’t so much bullied at school, but she was always left out. She was too young to understand why it was happening to her and why the children were always being mean to her. I guess you could say, most 10 year olds love going home at the end of the day to see their family but not Abbey. Abbey’s father had a beer in his hand as per usual and her mum had bloodshot eyes as always. The only time she was allowed out of her room was to go to school, other than that her parents always kept her locked in an attic because they had no time for the poor little girl and they never cared about her.

Every afternoon she would come home from school and sit in her room talking to her toy bear when no one was around. She used to lie on the floor and not make a sound. She hides in a corner while she hears her parents come up and unlock the door. Some more and more pain Abbey has to go through for no reason at all. There are scars on her face and bruises on her legs. Out of everyone, why is she is such a horrible place? The poor little girl cries herself to sleep every night because all she wants to do is to fit in with everyone and have a family that loves her dearly but she thinks to herself why she is not belonging. She holds her toy bear close and sobs. Meanwhile in her room, she sits in the corner quiet but yet thinking “God why? Why did my life turn out like this?” Everyday is a struggle for the little five year old and she prays before she goes to bed “Dear Jesus, I know that my mummy or daddy do not care about me but please promise me you’ll take good care of them. I...
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