Family Adaptation on Pregnancy and Teen-Age Pregnant

Topics: Nursing, Family, Demography Pages: 4 (965 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Family Adaptation on Pregnancy
In Barangay Tunasan, Arandia Street, Muntinlupa City

A Thesis Proposal
Presented to the
Faculty of College of Nursing
Lyceum of the Philippines University

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements of the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Gelilio, Roche Marie Belle D.

1.1 Introduction and Background of the Study
Based on latest Census of Population and Housing, which was conducted last May 1 2010, the household population of the Philippines reached 92,097,978. From this number, the total population of City of Muntinlupa, Barangay Tunasan is 51,033.

Family works together and how well it can organize itself against potential threats depends its structure (who its members are) and its function (the activities or roles family members carry out). (Crea, Barth, & Chintapalli, 2007).

Pregnancy is such a huge change in a woman’s life that is brings about more psychological changes than any other life event besides puberty (Rojas, Wood, & Blakemore, 2007). A woman’s attitude toward a pregnancy depends a great deal on psychological aspects such as the environment in which she was raised, the messages about pregnancy her family communication and others. (Darby, 2007). For many families, the stage at which children leave to establish their own households is the most difficult stage because it appears as like breaking up the family. This stage may represent a loss of self-esteem for parents, who feel themselves being replaced by other people in their children’s live. As well as the feelings of siblings, they feel some jealousy and less able to cope up.

To support the statement above, a nurse can serve as an important counselor to such as family. He or she who is planning to have an own family is what they have spent a long time preparing them to do, or that leaving the home is positive, not a negative, step in family growth.

Muntinlupa City is composed of 9...

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